W. T. F.

Wonderful Wednesday!

Hello and this is Wednesday Wind-down. Wednesday is known as Humpday and sometimes at the end of the day, it causes me to say WTF! I’m at the bottom of Wednesday so Thursday and Friday are totally doable.

With today being Wednesday, here are some Words of Wisdom

Finding strength and contentment isn’t always easy so I think about this, “Now faith, hope, and love remain — these three things — and the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13) Faith, hope, and love are the ties that I use to hold my life together. There are some days that I feel that my life is falling apart and I just want to go back to bed, cover up my head, and hope it all goes away. However, since that is not an option, do a few other things that work even better:

I connect with my favorite people to get some encouragement and sometimes a solution

I look at the situation from different sides. It helps to flip the lens and see the problem differently

I do some quiet time to think and not be anxious. Then I write down some options to create a solution.

The Dream is to be mindful about how I think and approach a problem

The Prayer is that God will give me peace and a clear understanding

The Go is starting with some research and putting what I find into action

Mindful Eating Journey

Becoming a mindful eater is an experience with food that I have yet to explore. To be strategic and almost militant about my meals is a habit I want to explore and invite you to take this journey with me. As I continued to research various avenues, I found that there is no shortage of information when you Google “Mindful Eating”.

I started with this article from Harvard.edu which gave some foundation about mindful eating and (in my opinion) a good starting point.

Next, I came across this article on Eating Well with some recipes that are low-carb and high-protein, which was what I had in mind.

Harvard Health Publishing listed 8 steps to mindful eating. In conjunction, I have listed 8 steps that I use as well. The bottom line is, do what you need to do to get to where you want to go. The steps below are my journey and the steps you take are your journey. It’s all very personal.

My Steps:

  1. HAVE FUN – no matter what instructions are given, add your own flare and style and enjoy yourself
  2. Take into consideration your age and lifestyle and make a list
  3. Come to a broad conclusion about what you think you need
  4. Begin to research your “what think you need” list and then narrow it down to focus on specifics
  5. Use the information and sources you trust
  6. Start a journal to keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t
  7. Don’t be afraid to make changes as you see fit.
  8. Know that any positive change (no matter how small) is a WIN because
    1. You learned more about yourself
    1. You took an interest and cared for yourself to be your best self

The Dream is to be mindful of what I eat in hopes of being healthier

The Prayer is that God will bless my efforts

The Go is starting with some research and putting what I find into action

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